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The Story of Yani’s Goal


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Children need to learn the habits of logical thinking and responsible decision making as early as possible.  The Story of Yani’s Goal is a fun, interactive CDROM (IBM compatible - requires browser with flash player plug in) that teaches three vital thinking and communication tools through a colorful, engaging adventure story for ages 4-9.  These logic based tools are integrated into the story line in a way that provides children opportunities to interactively practice solving problems conveyed in other texts as well as in real life situations.  Teacher/parent notes are available by clicking on icons within the story.  The plot of the story has a moral that is developed by learning and applying the tools which is: “You can achieve your goals in life if you think through your actions so that they lead to win-win solutions.”


Never Ending Story

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A 48 page self-leaning workbook for children ages 10-14, the NEVER ENDING STORY teaches the application of a TOC thinking and communication tool, the CLOUD, through a relevant story.  The CLOUD enables children to resolve conflicts without blame or shame and in a way that is perceived as fair to all concerned.  Because the solution is created by those who have to implement it and meets the needs of both sides, solutions are more likely to be sustainable.  This win-win methodology enables children to think and act more responsibly.

The TOC Learning Connection

“I have come to the conclusion that this workbook is not only very useful for teachers, but for everybody, because in essence we are all educators." … Motoi Tobita, TOC consultant and a father, Japan

As we know, in order to effectively solve problems, students of all ages need to be able to think critically about information. However, many learners struggle to analyze and interpret events, concepts and other information in a way that enables them to derive opinions and conclusions that can be clearly explained, logically supported and applied to effective problem solving.

This 212 page self learning workbook is designed to teach three TOC critical thinking and communication tools through typical narrative and informative text.  It provides simple, step by step instruction with the overall objective of teaching learners to make more responsible decisions and be more effective thinkers and communicators in the classroom, on the playground or in the boardroom.

The training material is written to achieve specific learning objectives that meet criteria of respected best practices for learners of all ages.   For teachers and school leaders, the application of these thinking tools and methodologies to curriculum delivery is designed to greatly enhance the attainment of academic standards and benchmarks.  An appendix provides a glossary, templates, authentic examples from worldwide practitioners and a comprehensive annotated bibliography.


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